Any Gunsmoke Actors Still Alive?

The TV series Gunsmoke aired for 20 years from 1955 to 1975 which is pretty incredible. Most of the original cast members have passed on including James Arness who played marshal Matt Dillon who died at the age of 88. But a few cast members are still around:

Buck Taylor

Buck Taylor

Buck Taylor Then

Buck Taylor 3

Buck Taylor Now

Buck Taylor played Newly  O’Brien for 8 episodes and 13 seasons from 1967-1975. He was born on May 13, 1938 in Hollywood Ca. and currently resides on a ranch outside Fort Worth, Texas. Before becoming a regular cast member, he was on several episodes as a “bad guy”. However, his character afterwards was definitely a “good guy”. He liked Gunsmoke so much that he named two of his sons Mathew Taylor and Cooper Glen Taylor after Matt Dillon and Glenn Strange who played the bartender for many years before dying of lung cancer.

These days, Taylor is known for his paintings. They are mostly Western paintings and include a portrait of James Arness.

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds Then

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds Now

Most of us remember Burt Reynolds for his roles in Smokey and the Bandit, Deliverance, White Lightning, Gator, All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Longest Yard and Boogie Nights. However, he did have a role on Gunsmoke from 1962 to 1965. He played Quint Asper who was a blacksmith and part native American. He sometimes assisted marshal Matt Dillon in solving crimes.

Reynolds was born on February 11, 1936 in Lansing, Michigan. His family moved to Rivieria Beach, Florida where his father became the Chief of Police. Reynolds played high school football and was named first team all state. He received a scholarship to play football at Florida State University.

Update: Sadly, we have lost another Gunsmoke cast member, Burt Reynolds at the age of 82. He died on September 6, 2018.





Roger Ewing

Roger Ewing

Roger Ewing Then

Roger Ewing

Roger Ewing Now

Roger Ewing was born on January 2, 1942 in Los Angeles, CA. He appeared in 36 episodes of Gunsmoke from 1965 to 1967. His character was Clayton Thaddeus “Thad” Greenwood, a part time deputy to marshal Matt Dillon.  Interestingly, his character was superseded by Buck Taylor (above).

He appeared in a number of TV and movie roles including Bewitched, The Bing Crosby Show and the WWII film None But the Brave.

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  1. Rebecca Villegas says

    My husband and I enjoy watching Gunsmoke reruns.Do any of you go to Kanab,Utah for western days in August? It sure would be nice to meet you. Thank you.

    • Michael Richardson says

      I belong to a Gunsmoke fan club. We have over 300 members right now. You can ask questions of other members and read the post of other fans. We have a cast member that reads our board. Roger Ewing who played Thad Greenwood visits our board on a regular basis. Its free to join.

      • Thanks for the tip, Michael. That’s a very cool site.

      • Angela Mundy says

        I am a huge Gunsmoke fan and at least two episodes are shown in my part of the UK every day. I have recently seen Ken Curtis (Festus) on Youtube singing Tumbling Tumbleweed. He had the loveliest voice, very unlike his Festus voice. Sadly he died in 1979 aged 74 I believe.

        • Glad to hear you are able to watch Gunsmoke in the UK. You can hear Festus sing and talk here:

          • wanda taylor says

            Ken Curtis was a member of the sons of the pioneers singing group,,i was told ,,he also played in John Waynes army movies Horse Soliders and the one with Mauriene O”Hara,,with Ben Johnson and Harry Carrey ,JR…good westerns still watch today,,oh another one was the Searchers with John Wayne,,

        • Carol Jarvis says

          I just read that Mr. Curtis actually passed in 1991 at age 75.

        • Dan Pardue says

          Nice Post…….I remember oh how well all the years Gunsmoke came on Saturday nights at 8:pm CST and life seem to evolve around that. One of the interesting sidenotes about Ken Curtis is that he was Frank Sinatra’s replacement singer in the Tommy Dorsey Band when Frank left….that speaks volumes and also his time with the Sons of the Pioneers… of my great joys in watching the reruns (since I remember the episodes) is watching all of the talent that came through there on their own way to stardom. It is a reminder unlike today’s so called TV….that evil does not win….that there are still good people in the world…..and also how the world has de-evolved.

          • Good information – thanks for posting! I watched Gunsmoke with my Grandfather. In the opening scene where Matt draws his pistol to shoot a bad guy, my Grandfather would always say that he was pointing his gun at the ground. Doesn’t look that way to me today.

        • Annell Lawrence says

          Love Gunsmoke reruns I started watching it when I was a kid it was one of my dad’s favorite shows James Arness was a great actor and very good looking too

        • doctorhugo says

          Angela, way before his Gunsmoke fame Ken Curtis was a regular and integral part of The Sons of The Pioneers cowboy singing group. He always had great voice, but HIS creation of the character of Festus was a ‘work of art’.

      • Theresa Sharp says

        My husband has downloaded alot of the Gunsmoke episodes on the computer. We started with the very first episode in 1955 with John Wayne introducing the new western. After 5 months, we’re now in season 7(still in black & white and before we were born). They are such good shows. My stepson’s teacher was surprised that he had actually seen the show and said the intro….”Gunsmoke….starring James Arness as Matt Dillon” and sounded like it. He’s probably the only 17 year old kid that watches the show with his parents…LOL 🙂

        • Interesting! Thanks for the comment.

          • Cathy Nash says

            I watched Gunsmoke with my dad every Saturday. I get reruns daily on several different channels and never fail to watch.

            I still feel that connection of watching with my dad who passed years ago.

        • Texas Trudi says

          That’s great! My sons watched with me a few times! I’m a teacher, and I have found a few students who actually watch the series! It always impresses me, and it shows good character.

        • I love reading all these wonderful comments about Gunsmoke and the cast. I watch INSP and miss watching the later episodes with my parents and family. My dad was a big Westerns fan, but his favorite was Matt Dillon. Have to say he was/is one iconic man

      • Roy & Carol Stone says

        We would like to join your Gunsmoke club, we have watched the originals growing and everyday since.
        We are in our 60’s & 70’s.
        Thank you.

      • Janet Nazer says

        I too love to watch Gunsmoke. I met Buck Taylor in 1992–very nice man, very cordial and accomadating. got my picture taken with him, and as my niece was with me at the time, she too was in the pictures.

        • Cool!

        • Russell Allison says

          Buck Taylor was at a local gas station here in Wichita Falls this week. He was delivering a large painting to the owner. He signed autographs and took pictures with some of the customers.

          • Johnny harrison says

            Russell Allison 2 this day I know where buck Taylor ranch is in Texas, I want 2 meet him in 2015, Ian a big fan of gunsmoke grew up watching with my grandparents, down the road from his place I work on a ranch for 22 yrs Ian Chickasaw-Seminole Indian newly is getting up in his age and want 2 meet him soon, go by his place and see him and thank him for well done Cowboying:)

          • He’s at the fort with stock show ever year he does the theme portraits.

          • Buck Taylor appears in Branson, Mo each fall in Silver Dollar City for the fall craft festival. This year, 2015, he will be at Dodge City for Gunsmokes 60th anniversary. Roger Ewing, who played Thad Greenwood on the show will be there as well. Many other guest stars, authors, and script writers will also be there. Contact the Dodge House for accommodations.

      • Hi This article says that only 3 actors are still living. What about Lane Bradbury (Merry Florene)? Thanks

        • Carol & Roy Stone says

          Yes, We would like to know is Merry Florene is alive too. Thanks

          • Yes Lane Bradbury is still alive. When they say 3 actors, they mean 3 cast members. Lane and many more actors that appeared on Gunsmoke are ” Guest stars “.

          • Roy Johnson says

            Hello = is Mary Florine still living

          • Found this with a quick search on Google “Lane Bradbury played Merry Florine in 6 episodes of Gunsmoke between 1965 and 1969. According to Wikipedia, Bradbury is still alive.

      • mike cohen says

        Good shows Endings are crummy or just plain strange. Some episodes leave you hanging

      • why did Roger Ewing leave Gunsmoke?

        • Any body know?

        • After season 12, Roger was told by John Mantley that the character of Thad was not working out. They did not develop his character like they did Buck Taylor. He was sorry to leave the show, but had a great time for 2 years.

      • Did Matt and Kitty ever marry?????how did they end Chester??

      • Vern Sessions says

        I grew up with Gunsmoke, 6 horses, guns, and western life in Wyoming at age 17 when it started in 1955. Have watched it all my life and retired life at now age 77 still watching it and I have all the shows on DVD. I look at their gear, rope, acabbards, bedrole and many things for correctness. Watch which shows Matt has a tied down pistol holster and see if you can tell any difference among the shows and does it make a difference?

      • mike savo says

        are there any t v shows that had the cast off camera?and were they friends in real life?did they like each oyher,are their interviews?

        • Michael Richardson says

          Gunsmoke cast did not socialize much outside of work. Roger Ewing didn’t at all. Roger was 23 when he joined the show, and Arness and Blake were old enough to be his parents, Doc was even older, but he had a great time on the set, and they all got along with each other.

      • I was raised in the Pacific Palisades where James Arness lived. Saw every once and while. His daughter Jenny was in my algebra class in 1965. She was very pretty and very quiet.

      • Is anybody interested in honoring 78 year old stunt double for James arness who is alive and well living just out of winnemucca nevada? Jerry young still talks about his life and times on gunsmoke, and I have been honored to be called his friend.

      • Why did Buck Taylor leave Gunsmoke?

      • I’m 62 been watching gunsmoke all my life. My mother passed on 2011 she too was a fan. >watch reruns all the time.

      • Buddy gibson says

        I’m a huge fan of Gunsmoke and The Rifleman. I understand Buck Taylor lives here in Ft Worth. Would love to know more about fan club at Thanks, Buddy

      • Jill Chatfield says

        Also alive is Jerry Young. He was the stunt double for James Arness. I lived down the street from Jerry for 10 years. Oh man, the stories he would tell.

    • We watch Gun Smoke every day. Keith records every episode that is shown on a couple of channels. We have watched over and over but love the show so much we don’t care how many times we have seen them. We see different things in each show. I wish they would produce other shows like this. It is such a favorite of so many people.

      • Ian Johnstone says

        I love Gunsmoke for its simply story line. For some reason you just ‘get hooked’ on the story and next thing the episode is over. I record every episode to. Some of my housemates walk past and say isn’t that so and so and I say yes. Bit like Rawhide a lot of actors got their start.

    • My name is Elwood I enjoy gunsmoke old movies I would like to meet you good people but it’s wood be hard your truly Elwood may God bless

    • Tony Reels says

      We too love Gunsmoke, never miss an episode, great moral values and family show

    • Omar F Rivera says

      While I was working at this restaurant in San Clemente, this was when I was 21 years old, I was standing at a check stand with my brother and I looked up there was James Arness of Gunsmoke then I ask him say hi to Festus and he said, I will. He was gracious and he smiled at me.

  2. Russell Allison says

    I have the painting He Kept A Lid on Dodge. I bought it at an MD auction in Wichita Falls. I also bought James Arness’ autographed autobiography. I grew up watching Gunsmoke and watch it to this day. There’ll never be another western like it. It keeps the old west alive.

    • I agree. I watch Gunsmoke reruns almost every night. It’s a sad commentary on the shows of today when a TV series that aired over 30 years ago can still attract viewers.

      • Wow ! I agree with u guys , i started watching gunsmoke last year here in england n i havnt missd one episode so far, i love western films ,gunsmoke is amaziiing,lv all caracters but my favorite got to b festus .

    • Michael Richardson says

      I have a similar signed photo that James sent me as a prize to a poetry contest he had for his 86th birthday. I also have the autographed autobiography. I have many Roger Ewing “Thad” photos as well. And last summer I was happy to meet Buck Taylor, so I have several photos and prints that he signed for me. I am friends with Roger Ewing, and just got back from visiting him in California last month. We chat about once a week via email and He will be attending the 60th Gunsmoke reunion in Sept 2015. The Gunsmoke fan board will have details about where and the exact day as the date gets closer. Its free to join this board, and we have over 300 members now.

  3. Gunsmoke is simpily the best tv show of all time don’t fully understand why they wont make new shows like Gunsmoke andy griffin show ECT there is obvisley still a big market for shows like that or the reruns would not be shown as much as they are

  4. Michael Richardson says

    The picture is now correct. Thanks for changing it to the one I sent to you.

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  6. Ralph Westenberger says

    Gunsmoke is a wonderful show. Festus is my favorite followed by Doc and Matt. Have you noticed Matt sure gets shot a lot. I wonder how many time he has been hurt during the run of the show?

    • Poor Matt, thank goodness that Doc is around to patch him up.

      James Arness was actually injured in WW II. The leg that was injured apparently bothered him the rest of his life. If you look closely, there are times when he struggles mounting his horse.

  7. I still look at Gunsmoke every day

  8. I think Buck Taylor was a great addition to the show . He was such a good guy and always shocked when I saw him play bad guy roles . It just didn’t seem to fit . I am glad he is still around .

    • He was in Tombstone as a good guy but in younger years he took roles in biker films . I guess when your a actor you take different roles to expand yourself. Gun smoke is a show I watch everyday and like many downloaded episodes on computer.

  9. Cathy brown says

    My partner and I have just started watching here in Northern Ireland in the last year we love it !!!! If I’m lying I’m dying

  10. Carol Jarvis says

    My hubby and I watch Gunsmoke on Encore Western channel every day. We also love Cheyenne starring Clint Walker. They don’t make shows like those any more. 🙁

  11. Darlene Barber says

    I love watching these old shows. On Gunsmoke, Fetus is my favorite. When I was small and watching as a child, I wanted to be Miss Kitty when I grew up! Lol. I adore Bonanza, the Rifleman, Big Valley, and all the rest as well. I am so glad they are on. On a recent trip to Ireland, I was surprised when I flipped on the TV to find an episode of Bonanza on!

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  13. I met a man in Lincoln, NE. who I found out played the blacksmith on Gunsmoke. Am trying to find his name. I wasn’t introduced to him and do not know his real name. Can anyone post a list of the actors who played the blacksmith?

  14. I watch Gunsmoke every day. I have seen most of the episodes about 3 or 4 times. I worked for a guy named Jason Day for several years who was married to Amana Blake at one time. Would sure like to meet Buck Taylor some day. Going to check out the fan club now.

    • Wow – married to Amanda Blake? She was one sexy and beautiful lady.

      • I watched Gunsmoke as a little girl every week! I wanted to be Miss Kitty when I grew up. She was a smart, strong independent character for sure. Amanda Blake was so beautiful!
        I am glad to be a able to re-watching it today.

      • I watched Gunsmoke as a little girl every week! I wanted to be Miss Kitty when I grew up. She was a smart, strong independent character for sure. Amanda Blake was so beautiful!
        I am glad to be able to re-watch it today.

  15. Just watched the episode of Jake MacGraw played by J.D. Cannon. It had him playing the old honky tonk type music on the piano and I was wondering if he really did play it?

  16. I have always liked gunsmoke ever since I was a little kid especially buck Taylor as newly. It’s kinda weird buck Taylor was born may 13th and I was born may 16th 1957 that’s pretty awesome! Don’t matter to me that he was born in 1938! We were born in the month of May! I would love to hear from him! Or maybe a picture! ! Thanks mindy

  17. My step grandfather looked like Ken Curtis

  18. My husband and i get an awfull lot of pleasure and relaxation from gunsmoke we record and watch it every evening .

    • We do also. It is amazing that a series that went off the air 39 years ago can still be so popular today,

      • I watch at least 3 episodes of Gunsmoke every day. In fact I’m watching one now as I write this. I have 60 episodes recorded at this time. I love this show.

  19. We were born after Gunsmoke went off television — probably like a lot of others on this site, but we love the show. Although there are a few TV shows from nowadays that we also enjoy, there is nothing at all like Gunsmoke. We wonder why that is and hope that some creative television writer and producer peeks in at this site and realizes that there is indeed still a market for this kind of programming.

  20. We met Mr. Buck Taylor at a meet and greet here in Dodge City, about two weeks ago. He is the new spokesman for Boothill Casino. Lovely man. Told us how much he loved coming back from time to time.
    They all, Matt, Kitty, Doc, Festus used to show up here for photo ops and meet and greets. I was younger and not very appreciative of the show so never bothered to go. Saddens my heart now, as I rarely remember a time going into my grandparents home and not finding grandpa watching Gunsmoke. Was SO thankful and delighted I took the opportunity to meet Mr. Taylor.

  21. Michael Morris says

    I was 12 years old in 1955 when Gunsmoke first started and I was 32 in 1975 when it ended.
    I personally believe that Gunsmoke was one of best shows ever on TV. It’s to bad we don’t have shows like Gunsmoke today. It’s kind of special to know that I didn’t have to watch reruns of Gunsmoke I saw most of the episodes there first time on TV.
    It’s nice to know so many people enjoy this special western.

  22. bob temple says

    Gunsmoke was shown over here in England on Friday nights originally. Towards the end of its run it was switched to Saturday tea time (tea time is around 5.00 here in England). I was born in 1956 so I grew up surrounded by western TV shows. I still can’t resist them today, unfortunately I live with two philistines, my wife and daughter who groan every time the introduction of a western starts. Television in England was a strange thing in the fifties and sixties and the powers that be would only allow certain things to be shown. As a result a lot of US programmes which I now know were considered essential viewing to the American public were never seen over here until the advent of the internet. Luckily westerns were considered good family entertainment and so I practically grew up in the saddle. Maverick, Cheyenne and Bonanza along with Gunsmoke were considered essential viewing in our house. Recently I have managed to watch the Honeymooners on the net but I remain a complete pushover for any cowboy show

  23. Syd Thomason says

    Please correct me if I’m wrong but was’nt ‘Gunsmoke’ originately named ‘Gunlaw’ and if so, why was it changed?

  24. Virginia says

    I absolutely love Gunsmoke and all the folks that have a part in this tv series. I watch it every weekday and also have a set of DVD’s. My question is how did the cast member’s get along, with each other, away from the set? I wondered if they were close as friends and considered themselves as “family” in real life like they played on Gunsmoke.
    I did read an interview several years ago and I got the impression from James Arness that his character on the tv series and his character in real life were quite alike. Thank you.

    • I cannot speak for the entire cast but I did read about someone who visited James Arness in his home. He said that he was very friendly and down to earth. You may want to consider getting the book “James Arness: An Autobiography” were he talks about other cast members and other things.

  25. danny brooks says


  26. Tom Dignam says

    Without a shadow of a doubt,Gunsmoke was the best TV show ever made. The cast were great. James Arness is my favourite TV star of all time. Denis Weaver ,Milburn Stone and the stunning Amanda Blake really made the show.i watch it every night for hours on end.

  27. I grew up watching gunsmoke and still watch it to this day I’m 55 and still love the show

  28. Love the the show, grew up watching it, I’m 55 now and still watch it and love it.

    • Many episodes are very engrossing

      • I love gunsmoke, watch it every morning in bed! I love Festus but Matt is good also. Why did they never let Mat and Miss Kitty get hitched? I think though the best western was Rawhide, Gil Favor was charismatic.
        How did Amanda Blake get Aids? Pity. We live in New Zealand and can remember when it was on Tv first time round. I hardly watched it then cannot move in the morning without my shot.

  29. Born in 1942 in England I grew up reading western comics & watching John Wayne movies. Finally started horse riding in my 70th year & now visit Tucson ranches every year with my wife. We ride Quarter Horses up the mountains & through the Sonoran
    Desert, real cowboy country! I watch Gunsmoke every week, my favourite TV show. Alan Peck. The Ancient Apprentice

    • I’m not crazy about John Wayne but I wish I could catch the rerun”She wore a yellow ribbon” It was really good

  30. Love to watch gunsmoke. Have seen every episode. My favorite episode was the widow maker. Starring Steve forest. Vey surprising ending.

    • Just watched the Gunsmoke episode “PATRICIA” starring Jess Walton, one of the very best of this fine series of tv westerns.

  31. Have watched every episode over the years. My favorite episode was the (the widow maker) starring Steve Forrest . Great actor.

  32. Met Buck Taylor twice. He’s a very nice person, not too good to talk to anyone. Looking forward to seeing him next year. Stan

    • What exactly happened to Chester. Last, Iread about James Arness he was collecting for charity,door to door. Did Gunsmoke role really make him that rich?

  33. john hudson says

    I have have just discovered Gunsmoke, (November 2015), Its the best thing on t.v. for a long time. I look forward to every episode the main characters are so good and likeable, in particular Festus, sadly gone from us, I cant believe I didnt see it the first time around. Long may it be shown on ITV 4 in North Wales , U.K. Its a real classic. JOHN

  34. I’m from Ohio was born in 1958 and like allyou of I’m a big Gunsmoke fan also. I like to see Doc and Festus get on each other’s nerves. They crack me up.

  35. I met a nurse this morning while undergoing prep for surgery and she said her mom played a saloon girl on GunSmoke. I failed to get the actress’s name but my nurse said her mom was tall, blonde, with great big round blue eyes. She also played a secretary on “The Practice” and is still working today at age 73 in the film industry in LA doing behind the scenes work in wardrobe, etc. Does anyone know her name. I was too out of it to think to ask. Thanks.

  36. Robert Haggen says

    My last name is Haggen, and when I was in the Army my First Sergeant was a huge Gunsmoke fan. He always called me Festus and I got away with more trouble than anyone else because of that. I’m a huge fan of the show and always tell people that Uncle Festus is watching over me.

  37. I record all the gunsmokes I watch them over and over the grand kids ask why I watch all those old reruns I tell them because most shows on tv now are junk and I grew up watching old westerns

  38. Lonnie Myers says

    I watched Gunsmoke as a child with my parents but did not really appreciate it. As I watch re-runs today, I am amazed at how good a program it really was. It had a great cast of characters, and from what I understand, James Arness was a very humble and gracious man in all walks of life. It has to be one of the top 10 TV programs of all time.

  39. I used to listen to Gunsmoke on the radio in the late ’50s. Some of the actors were the same, but Matt’s character was done by William Conrad. Those shows were good also.

  40. Linda West says

    I have watched Gunsmoke since it first began,and I still watch it every day at noon on MeTV in Houston, Texas. I hate when I miss an episode, usually when I have a doctor’s appointment or something else important. I just am addicted,even have some DVDs of the show that I can watch at night,because I find the new shows not intereting or just not my cup of tea. Linda West dob 10-17-1950 Pasadena, Texas

  41. Linda West says

    These are the kind of shows we need on TV today. My 11 year old granddaughter and my 6 year old grandson watch with me when they visit me. It ids a family show, which we need more of now days.

    • Linda West says

      I forgot to ask can I be in the fan club? I would like to know when and where the surviving actors will be making appearances, who knows maybe I could be lucky enough to see maybe just one of them, it would a day I would talk about until the day I go to meet my Lord Jesus Christ. I will be 66 in October, sowho knows when my to!e will be up on this earth.

  42. James Boots says

    Their is still a lot of intrest in WESTERNS , films, T.V. magazines ect.
    I and a lot of other s watch TV westerns and Movies brought back to the public. This intrest in Gun Smoke, Rifelmen, Wagon Train on and on.
    Side note; John Wayne Library and musiem in Wniterset Iowa now open
    last year Ribbon Cutting week if John Waynes birthday. Two yeays ago, I had the privilage to meet Maureen O’Hara with photo-op also daughter Aissa Wayne with photo-op. Also the best John Wayne look alike.

  43. Before l retired l went home daily to watch an episode of Gunsmoke as l enjoyed my delicious lunch. Good to know about Buck Taylor’s home is here in Texas. Maybe l will run into him at some of the Western events. Did anyone remember that his father was Dub Taylor? Also a great charactor actor who appeared such shows as The Andy Griffith Show, l Love Lucy, and as the Cannonball.

  44. Dorothy Speer says

    I watch Gunsmoke every day on TV land. I am 79 y.o. and remember watching it years ago. I first watched it in black and white when Dennis Weaver was on it. I remember seeing Michael Landon , Jon Voigt, Bette Davis and many big stars over the years. I have seen Ken Curtis in movies with John Wayne and on In the Heat of the Night. I know that he had a beautiful voice, proving he was a great actor to talk like Festus. They just don’t make shows like Gunsmoke today. Nothing can last this long.

  45. Tony Walker says

    I constantly warch episodes of Gunsmoke on my I Pad and it never fails to attract other people who just look in and become new fans. Is the full set of Gunsmoke srill together and still available ?

  46. I just watched “In the heat of the night” with Ken Curtis; Sept 25, 2016. In the 50,s Ken had his own show on TV as a pilot and such with another friend. I’m a Gun smoke fan going back to early 50’s. the name “Strange” goes way back in history to year 1066 and beyond with “William the Conqueror”. Still watch these shows when they come on. I’m 80. My family came with “William”, from Normandy via Norway (Vikings) via Benjamin from Jerusalem, Israel. Shalom!

  47. Gunsmoke! has been one of life’s pleasant consorts for me. On Saturday mornings, 9:00, the radio was on and I was visualizing old Dodge City, and Marshall Matt Dillon (William Conrad) keeping the peace. Then, the excitement of seeing on TV all those characters and the City was just something not to be missed, ever. I’m no psychologist, but I think the weekly positive message and the unerringly upright moral bearing of the characters just sort of rubs off on those who watch and listen for decades. Nothing but happy thoughts of Matt, Chester, Doc, Kitty, Festus, Newly, and Thad, and the constructive ministry of John Meston and the other story writers of the era . . . .

  48. What a special group of actors, they will always live in my mind. Just got to se8 ep3, Burt’s intro, and all I can find are incomplete versions. What’s up with that? Be outta Dodge in one hour.

  49. Met Buck Taylor tonight at the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo. Very nice anand interesting man. Received an auatographed rodeo poster while
    admiring his fabulous paintings. It was great pleasure to shake his hand!

  50. larry phelps says

    best shows on earth was gunsmoke
    I watch them still im 74 gunsmoke on here noon till 4 theres my dad

  51. There never will be another show as good as gun smoke ! So glad to be able to watch the reruns !

  52. Mary Whitney says

    My husband records Gunsmoke all the time with our DVR. I remember as a kid watching it on Saturday nights. Some asked about Amanda Blake and how she died. She got AIDS from her third husband. She died from it’s complications. Such a shame. Gunsmoke is a program you never get tired of.

  53. I love watching GUNSMOKE reruns Matt, Kitty ,Doc, Chester , Festus, Newly and the rest were all my favorites. I wish I could have met all of them. God Bless the ones that are still with us and the ones that are not may they Rest in Peace.

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    happy to know these guys are still with us hopefully for many many years to come. i watched gunsmoke from the beginning and still do,my favorite character was chester,always thought and still think chester as the greatest character in tv history.

  57. Terrie Kenoyer says

    As a kid growing up watching Gunsmoke with my parents my sister’s and I were thrilled one year when Ken Curtis aka “Festus,” appeared with the Shrine Circus. What a wonder to actually get see him. He came out riding on a horse. My husband and I still watch the Gunsmoke reruns. Each and every star who was a part of the never forgotten series will always be endeared in my heart.

  58. Dennis Russell says

    I started watching Gun Smoke in the Navy aboard ship the U,S,S,RAnger CVA 61 1962 through 1965, it was shown ever night and day time on KRAN TV along with other half hour clips like the honeymooners, CAlifornia Highway patrol with Broderick Crawford, then mabey a movei and the news. I was always too tired to watch much of it my hours were sometimes 14 hours from 6AM till 7 or 8 pm, I was a aircraft structures Mech and we had lots of arduoius work, but this very day I have seen all of the black and white episodes and still watch them with interest

  59. I still watch Gunsmoke reruns. As a child my mother always had the show on Sundays and with myself, sister and brother. My brother always wore a toy gunbelt, western shirt and had a cap gun(do not know if they are still sold). I can remember when Ken Curtis came to Columbus, Mississippi to help the orphanage there and my mother took us to the auditorium where he was. She was a fan of him and the show. At the end where he sang we got his autograph and he signed it Festus(not Ken Curtis).


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