Did James Arness and Amanda Blake Have a Relationship?

There is no evidence that James Arness and Amanda Blake had an off screen affair.  Amanda Blake had five husbands the last of which was bisexual and was thought to have given her AIDS from which she died at age 60. On screen, Matt Dillon and … [Continue reading]

Matt Dillon Gets Shot

Matt Dillon is shot and critically wounded by a super fast gunman who had just shot and killed another sheriff. The gunman stays in Dodge while Matt recovers and then they meet again. … [Continue reading]

Festus – A Better Singer Than Talker?

Festus Haggen

We have all seen Festus (Ken Curtis) talk on the Gunsmoke TV series. He manages to get the words out but it seems to be a struggle. Here is an example:   But did you know that Ken Curtis was a singer before he became an actor? He sang … [Continue reading]

Gunsmoke – The Eighth Season

Gunsmoke Cast

A Look at the Eighth Season of Gunsmoke The eighth season of Gunsmoke was the second season of the one hour format. Prior to that, it was only one half hour. The longer time was an asset to the series because there was more time to develop more … [Continue reading]

Any Gunsmoke Actors Still Alive?

Buck Taylor

The TV series Gunsmoke aired for 20 years from 1955 to 1975 which is pretty incredible. Most of the original cast members have passed on including James Arness who played marshal Matt Dillon who died at the age of 88. But a few cast members are still … [Continue reading]

Name This Actor

Ken Curtis

He was born on July 2, 1916 in Colorado. His father was the sheriff of Bent County. His family lived above the jail and his mother cooked for the prisoners. He was initially a singer who sang with The Sons of the Pioneers and later with the Tommy … [Continue reading]

Gunsmoke Meet The Cast

The Gunsmoke Cast If you are too young to remember the original episodes of Gunsmoke, don't worry. There are many places where you can find reruns or even purchase DVD's of the classic show. Watching it today is still very relevant with … [Continue reading]

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